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General Rules & Guidelines

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1 General Rules & Guidelines on Tue May 17, 2016 6:23 pm


Forum Admin
Forum Admin
Notice: These rules apply to every forum and category on the Guild Wars Infinite site. Please pay close attention to the sticky posts before posting in a forum section. Some forums and categories may have additional rules that apply only to their respective forum sections.

Please read these general rules and guidelines for using the site. You are responsible for knowing them.

We try our best to stay on top of these things before they become an issue. If a post breaks any of these rules, simply use the "Report" button at the top of a post to flag it. A moderator will be notified.

1. The forum language is English. Posts should be written in English; posts in other languages or illegible posts will be removed. (No "1337" speak).

2. Topics should be made in the appropriate/relevant forum. A moderator may move your topic if there is a more appropriate category for it.

3. Posts made should be relevant to the topic they are responding to. Off-topic posts or posts derailing the topic may be removed.

4. Do not post the same topic multiple times, repeatedly make back-to-back posts in a topic, or "bump" topics. It is considered spamming. Alternatively, use the "Edit" button to edit your post.

5. If your topic is closed, do not create the same topic again.

6. Use the "Report" button to alert moderators and staff of posts that violate the forum rules. Do not abuse the "Report" button. Also, don't respond to these posts (feeding the trolls).

Message Content
1. Auto-Banned Content: politics, religion, illegal activity (including piracy), sexually themed material, gore. This includes messages (private or public), posts, topics, images, videos, and URL links to the subject matter.

2. Be mindful of your language. This community attracts different kinds of people of different ages. Use good common sense and etiquette.

3. No trolling, no flaming, no spamming. Deliberately made hostile, insulting, disruptive, or provoking posts are not acceptable.

4. No advertising websites. Auto-IP Ban.

Staff Actions
1. Public discussion over an action made by a moderator is not allowed. Contact the moderator responsible for warnings, infractions, closed threads, or comments made, or contact an administrator. Publicly posting of private messages or other personal information between a user, a staff member, or anyone else will get you a suspension.

2. Warnings and infractions may be issued for violating any of these rules and guidelines. You will be notified by PM if you get one, and it will be marked privately on your profile (visible only to Moderators). Contact the moderator responsible for issuing it or contact an administrator if necessary. 

3. After receiving a large number of warnings, you will be temporarily banned. Breaking rules repeatedly will earn you a permanent ban. Disciplinary measures is based off of warnings earned and what rules were broken, and decided upon by Moderators. Trying to evade a ban (i.e. creating new accounts, posting on another account) will get that account permanently banned.

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